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Aspen Le' Cougar is an iconic radio personality and co-host of the morning show on Alice95.1 HD3. With over 20 years of experience in the radio industry, Aspen is known for her vibrant personality and encyclopedic knowledge of classic rock music. She has a long history in the Pacific Northwest and has spent time getting to know many rock bands up-close and personal on their tour buses.

Radio Personality


Billy Oz is a loveable co-host of the morning show on Alice 95, heard Monday through Friday between 6-10 am. With over two decades of experience in the radio industry, Billy is known for his unique and quirky personality, as well as his sexy, deep voice that has been known to vibrate speakers. Despite his eccentricities, Billy is also incredibly knowledgeable about classic rock music and is a respected voice in the industry.

Tiny Tim Alice 95.1 Seattle

Radio Personality


Tiny Tim Parker, also known as SuperJock, is a co-host of the morning show on Alice 95. Initially considering a career in politics or becoming a streetcar conductor, Tiny Tim found his way into the radio industry and quickly became a fan favorite on Alice 95. Despite his imposing size, Tim is known for his warm and friendly demeanor, and his love for classic rock music is palpable. As a co-host of the morning show, Tiny Tim works alongside Aspen Le' Cougar and Billy Oz to create a fun and engaging listening experience for their audience.

Mandy Clarke Alice95 Radio personality

Radio Personality


Mandy Clarke is the mid-day personality on Alice 95.1 HD3, bringing her passion for classic rock to the airwaves every day. With a deep knowledge of the genre and an infectious energy, Mandy is sure to keep you jamming all day long.

Heidi Alice 95

Radio Personality


Heidi, the Queen of Classic Rock, is the night jock on Alice 95.1 HD3. With her glitz and glamor style and encyclopedic knowledge of classic rock, she hosts "Classic Rock at Night" from 6 pm to midnight, Monday to Friday. Tune in for a dose of Heidi's contagious passion for the music that defined a generation.

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Who is Alice 95.1 HD3?

Alice 95 is a classic rock radio station broadcasting in HD3. Featuring a lineup of talented and seasoned on-air personalities, Alice 95 delivers the best classic rock hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

With a focus on music, entertainment, and community engagement.

Alice 95 provides a fun and engaging listening experience for rock fans in the Seattle, Victoria, and Vancouver BC areas.

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